How to update maps in car navigation systems?

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  • A USB drive, 8GB or bigger
  • A computer with the internet the internet
  • Continuous power to your car’s navigation system.

The engine must be started and running and the vehicle should be parked outside or in a nicely-ventilated area. Any power blockage will corrupt the gps map information and force you to start the process all over again.

Step 1

Update Uconnect

  • On your vehicle’s Uconnect screen,
  • Click Navigation>Settings>System>About
  • Write down the 10-digit Unit ID number
  • Visit your manufacturer website /auto-update and click Firmware
  • Updates
  • You have to enter your car’s 10-digit Unit ID number, then
  • Click Submit. When you enter the Unit ID, it will confirm which
  • Model year function is installed in your car
  • On your car’s Uconnect screen, open
  • Navigation>Settings>Map>Menu Bars
  • Choose Map update
  • Insert the USB drive into the car USB port
  • When prompted, take out USB drive from the vehicle
  • Put USB into your computer and select Read Media
  • If your Uconnect System needs an update, click Download
  • To load the updated Firmware to your USB drive. You will be
  • Instructed to install a Communicator Plug-in if needed.
  • If your Firmware is up to date, go to “Order Map Update.”
  • Remove the USB drive from your computer
  • Insert the USB drive into the car USB port.
  • The firmware update will begin automatically
  • Follow the instructions to complete the firmware update

Step 2

  • Download Map

Stage 3

Load new maps to your Uconnect

  • Supplement USB drive into the car USB port
  • Follow prompts to move the map information to your car
  • The map update is finished when you see Where To/View Map screen

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