How do photo scanners scan negatives?

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Photo Scanners Scan negatives

If you have old negatives or slides and want to scan negatives that you need to save digitally, you most likely realize that simply tossing them on your flatbed photo scanners to scan negative won’t work. You need a splendid light source that originates from behind the negative and the multi-work printer/scanner you use to print coupons is genuinely ailing in that office.

If you hack up a touch of silver cardboard and spot it deliberately over the film strip you need to scan, you can get your film negatives onto your PC.

The procedure requires thick silver card stock, over which you print this pattern, before cutting and taping it into the shape you find in the photograph above. You position it over the slide you need to spare, and during the checking procedure, the light from the flatbed bounces up into the wedge, and reflects down behind the slide, giving you an essential backlight.

When the slide or negative is scanned at a proper resolution, you can invert the hues, and after that perform different rectifications to evacuate dust or color blunders. These functions are available in all best photo scanners.

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