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Does Xbox 360 steering wheel work on PC?

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When you mention the Xbox, most people think that it is only for video games. However, Xbox 360 also consists of a very functional, useful and entertaining game called, ‘Madden NFL Live’. Many gamers have been playing this game for a while now, and they have a question, ‘Does Xbox 360 steering wheels work on PC?’ So, let us find out.


Does Xbox 360 steering wheel work on PCFeatures

One of the best features of this game is that the players can play with their favorite football teams from all around the world. In fact, they have even included players from different parts of the world, like, USA, UK, China and South Korea. This makes the game really exciting. The cool thing about this game is that it can be played using only one hand, which makes it very popular among children and grown ups alike.

Xbox controller

The interesting thing about this particular game is that, you can use the Xbox controller, or you can use your keyboard for steering. However, the main problem with playing this game with a controller is that it is very difficult to keep the wheel balanced. And once you lose your balance, it would become extremely difficult to bring the wheel back to normal. And if you are not that patient, then you should avoid playing with a keyboard. It would be very frustrating to gamers.

Does Xbox 360 steering wheel work on PC? So, the question comes up whether a wheel fits on a standard PC or not. The answer is – it depends upon the type of game you are playing. Certain games require a specific type of wheel, whereas others do not.

Racing wheel

For racing games, you would need a racing wheel. It is similar to what we used to call in the olden days, ‘drifting gears.’ In those days, the steering wheel of the car had a clutch so that the wheel could move between two points while you were racing. In modern games, the steering is done solely with your arms and legs. Sometimes, the Xbox uses a small stick-like device called the ‘motion sensor’ to detect which way the player wants to turn.


This technology has made other developments in steering controls as well. There are games now that let you play the game without even taking your eyes off the screen. This is called ‘free steering.’ It is like turning your head to the side and moving your eyes away from the road and watching the scenery without taking your hands off the steering wheel. It’s quite fun to play such games.

But then again, you can’t always play such games. There are games that require you to be physically present. You need to be sitting behind the wheel and move your body accordingly to make turns in the game. And this takes a lot of physical effort. So would it be possible for a player who doesn’t have that much physical ability to enjoy gaming on the Xbox 360? Definitely not.

But then, there are those who would want to enjoy games on their PCs. Xbox brakes are available but they are very expensive. You need to pay at least $50 to get a steering wheel for your gaming PC. But then, you can also avail of steering wheels for other popular video game consoles. For the most part, the quality of steering wheels for PCs is just as good as for Xbox one. If you are on a budget, then you can opt for the cheaper gaming PC steering wheel.


Xbox wheels also work only on the Xbox. But there are certain games that are compatible with both the Xbox and PC. These games offer drivers that make Xbox wheel function well on PCs. So, if you are looking for steering games, look for these games so that you can find out which ones are compatible.

If you are still having second thoughts about whether your Xbox is working fine or not, then you may simply check out its user manual. Or, better yet, simply ask someone who has experience playing with and steering a wheel on the said console. You will surely get an earful about the troubleshooting steps that may be needed to be followed when playing the game. And once you know how the steering wheel works on the PC version, you would easily understand why it wouldn’t work on Xbox.


So, next time you ask, Does Xbox 360 Steering Wheel Work on PC?, you would know the answer right away. It is compatible with both the versions of the game, as it is driver-compatible. And because it is driver-compatible, you won’t have problems playing them using your PC. So, if you are having second thoughts whether your PC is ready for playing Xbox games, I would recommend you to purchase this accessory. This is the only way you can enjoy the benefits of playing Xbox games on your PC.

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